Abutilon megapotanicum


A partially evergreen, very lax habit, medium-sized shrub. It has unusual bell-shaped flowers with yellow petals and a large crimson calyx, from summer to autumn. It is hardy to about -5C, best grown in sheltered site with support. RHS AGM.




Type Shrub
Habit Semi-climbing, pendulous, bushy
Light Full Sun to Part Shade
Position/Aspect  Sheltered, South or East facing
Foliage  Semi-evergreen
Hardiness  H3
Soil  Well drained to moist and well drained
Soil PH  Acid to Neutral
Interest  Red & Yellow flowers most of year and semi-evergreen
Ultimate Height  1.5-2.5m
Ultimate Spread  1.5-2.5m
Growth Rate  10-20 yrs to full size
Native  Brazil

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